The AGRI draft opinion on minimum requirements for water reuse for irrigations, on which I am a shadow rapporteur, is considering reducing the water scarcity caused by climate change in some Member States and is in line with the circular economy principles.

The main problem in Romania is that the current government does not seem willing to take advantage of this opportunity. Unfortunately, the government does not consider analyzing the feasibility of using reclaimed water for irrigations until the effects of climate change require it. We have droughts every year, the climate is not getting any better, the waters are not getting less polluted, reason why I do not believe there is any time to waste.

According to the information I have, in Romania reclaimed water is not used for irrigations. There are, however, projects to build urban wastewater treatment plants, but even so, neither Romania nor the EU are reaching their maximum potential (the EU is currently recycling 1 billion cubic meter of water annually, although it has a potential of 6 billion cubic meters).

Romania should consider evaluating the feasibility of using reclaimed water before having serious problems. We need to prepare ahead. We need know how, trained staff, an open population familiar with this subject and, of course, funds to meet health and safety standards.

I think we have suffered from enough droughts for years in a row to now wait for the situation to get worse and be taken by surprise. We need to elaborate the feasibility studies now and make practical steps to reuse water in accordance with the rules of this report.

Next week, new negotiations will be held on this report and compromise amendments will be established. I will keep you updated with this report.