The European Commission produced a report on the future of the agricultural sector in the European Union in coming period.

This report begins by analyzing the events and phenomena that marked the agricultural sector this year and whose effects will be felt in 2019. In conclusion, the Commission informs that:

  •  The summer drought covered the continent and affected cereal production, which is expected to fall to 8%. This phenomenon affects the global grain market, wheat production declining by 2%.
  • EU sugar production has fallen since last year, but the global sugar price will remain low due to the surplus of about 9 million tons available to the world at this time.
  • Drought also affected the milk sector, and the dairy price is expected to increase.
  •  In regards to meat production: the global production of cattle will increase due to the large number of sucking herd; sheep and goat production is declining because the UK and Romania produced less than last year.
  •  The chicken meat price is rising because the Brazilian imports have fallen.
  • The price of pork will not increase over the next period despite the African Swine Fever.
  • Apple production will increase compared to last year.
  • The price of olive oil will be lower due to the large quantities of olive oil already existent on the market.

For more details, please refer to the report on the European Commission’s website: