As a Romanian politician, but also as a MEP, my whole activity evolves around defending individual freedoms, national sovereignty and freedom of expression, in all its forms.

The platform, the political creed and the fundamental directions that I share as a partisan of Romanian values ​​are:

  • Unconditional loyalty to the Romanian nation and the Romanian unitary national state.
  • Promoting the values ​​and fundamental interests of the Romanian society.
  • Intelligent, active and assumed affirmation of Romanian spirituality both in the Romanian nation’s living space and in the universal dialogue with the other nations.
  • Committing a political-civic behavior, unequivocally, in the sense of sanctioning and severely combating any retrograde manifestations in public life – impacting on the education and morals of the individual or community.
  • Reviving the educational path of the young generation, in the spirit of respect for tradition, but always aligned with universal, scientific, and humanistic development.
  • Supporting and promote the manifestation of the religious freedom of all citizens, in the specific note of the Romanian soul.
  • Supporting the perceptions of Christian morality, moral, truth, and justice, the only ones able to maintain spiritual cleanliness and patriotic behavior
  • Active participation to Romania’s economic recovery, aiming to eliminate dramatic poverty, generalized corruption and bankruptcy out of ‘the Romanian peoples’ lives.
  • Promoting and valuing the local and native material, financial, and human resources- which are prerequisites for our sustainable economic development
  • Penalizing every wrong move in order to eliminate the public institutions’ bureaucracy and state of hindrance.
  • Assuming national-Christian responsibility for the positive reformation of, Romanian society, in full consonance with the spirit of European nations. Objective achievable through the effective implementation of all integration strategies, projects, programs, and sectorial solutions, which guarantee a healthy civically responsible socio-moral life, that brings real individual and economic prosperity.
  • Reprojecting the sovereign power of the Referendum into a new constitutional vision, a mandatory condition for establishing the balance of the powers of the State Institutions, in order to sanction the sovereign control over its elected or appointed representatives.
  • Promoting freedom of initiative and a competitive economy based on the recognition and establishment of the individual, as well as the public and private property of the state in total agreement with the interests of the Romanian nation.
  • Ensuring that the individual, family, and community have decent living conditions involving the social recovery of disadvantaged groups by removing them from poverty; Ensuring the right to work and public reintegration.
  • Reviving the credibility of the Romanian state as an equal and respected partner by strengthening external security.
  • Intelligent and active assurance of legitimate constitutional civil power and guaranteeing the social order of law as an act of sovereign will of the Romanian people.
  • Growth and assumption of the role, direct engagement of youth in building a modern-democratic society, for their formation and affirmation in the social life.
  • Reinstatement of the woman’s position, but also of other social categories.
  • Tightening relations with the Diaspora and defending the interests of Romanians everywhere.