Yesterday, 16 May 2018, the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee of the European Parliament, voted the draft opinion regarding the dual quality of products in the single market.

The report refers to the fact that tests performed in several member states have shown that, under the same label, companies sell products of different qualities at the same price, or, in some cases, at bigger prices.

The fact that dual quality products are not desirable in a Union of equals is certain. This double standard, however, is even worse considering the fact that it can hide producers’ and retailers’ fraudulent practices. I have emphasized this idea in some of the amendments I tabled for this report.

In other amendments, I underlined the necessity to create an online public database, that would involve small costs, and that would enable researchers and specialists (as well as interested consumers) share labels and details about the de facto composition of the products compared to the one shown on the label. These data could be automatically compared to the details of the same product from a different member state. If there are any discrepancies, the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission could then begin investigations and research this issue.

The rapporteur, MEP Momchil NEKOV (S&D), has negotiated 12 compromise amendments out of a total of 115 amendments tabled by members of the European Parliament. The draft opinion received 41 votes in favour, one vote against, and one abstention.