At the meeting of the Special Committee on Agriculture (SCA) in October 2018, the members of the SCA agreed on the Commission proposal on Unfair Trading Practices (UTP) between farmers and their trading partners in the agri-food sector.

Even if a large number of delegations have expressed doubts about the scope of the legislation, the Austrian Presidency has obtained the necessary majority in favor of the proposal. Slovakia voted against. The discussions in the SCA also resulted in the desire to add more agricultural products than just foods, and the Dutch delegation requested the inclusion of flowers.

The Council has proposed to offer suppliers the possibility to file complaints in their own Member State and has specified that capital cities can introduce their own rules to combat unfair trading practices that are tougher than those applied at the EU level.

In conclusion, the Member States have agreed to open negotiations with the European Parliament as soon as the MEPs are ready. The first trilogues could take place on 24 October 2018.

Associations and organizations from the food supply chain, welcomed the positive votes in the European Parliament and the Council, and urged them to accelerate the full adoption of the plans regarding UTPs by the end of 2018.